I’m Scared of Writing

I’m terrified.
Every time I think I could write, my mind tries to find excuses. “I’m tired, I should do this first, why don’t I play the guitar instead?” And I’m scared of writing because it’s the thing I want to do the most. I’m not scared of playing videogames, I don’t really care if I’m good or bad at it.

But I do care about how good a writer I am. And my fear of writing serves the purpose of not making me try to become a better writer. I know that to be an at least decent writer, it takes a lot of hard work. And I’m not scared of the hard work in itself, I have proved it every year, at school and university, for the last 5 years at least. I’m scared that I may fail. That even with all the hard work I may find there’s no way for me to become the kind of person I want to be.

But this is stupid. For fear of finding myself empty, after all, I let myself be empty without even trying. I’m not. I’m not empty. That was my past, not me. If I was, I wouldn’t be here by now. I wouldn’t be thinking about how terrible it would be if I was empty. Because empty people just can’t feel it. Like most fears, this is totally irrational. But fear has quite an effect on me. It acts on the inside, before me. I can’t simply keep it away, I have to find it and fight it. And it’s tiring, and stressing.

I’ve had a block for almost an entire year. I haven’t written a single word for months and months and months, for the only reason that I was scared that I had nothing to write about, that I wasn’t good enough. And I stressed over it, which made it harder to write, and so on. It was a vicious circle, and I was only able to break it because a very special person kept believing in me and reminding me that I had more in me.

The way things are now, writing is still very stressful and tiring for me. It’s like studying a subject I don’t really like, in order to get to the part I actually like. Writing could be enjoyable (at least a part of it), and it could be liberating, and I know I have this desperate need to express myself, or I just end up being locked inside myself. But right now, all I see is the effort and the fear that I have to overcome. It’s a lot better than when I couldn’t write at all, but I still have to “make myself write”. And I know I want to. And I need to, to a certain extent. Feeling the need to write is still rare, but I do feel bad when I don’t. I’d just… want to want it. But, how do you defeat your fear? All I’m doing right now is facing it. Holding on to my motivation and keeping facing it in the hope that it will slowly disappear, every time I prove it is a fear that has no reason to exist.


3 thoughts on “I’m Scared of Writing

  1. You’ve articulated perfectly the fear that I (and a lot of other writers, or would-be writers) experience whenever it comes time to commit pen to paper. At that moment the thought of taking the first step towards the person that in my fullest sense of self I believe I’m meant to be takes on such weight, is freighted with such importance, that it’s almost paralyzing.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve found that when starting on a new manuscript it helps to jot down a few random thoughts in point form, and then a few more, and more … and before I know it I have the beginnings of something resembling a story. More importantly, I have momentum. The trick is to trick my brain into thinking it’s all just a throwaway exercise. Before it catches on, I’m well on my way :)

    Best of luck with your writing! I’m reposting you on my blog, A Life Examined.

    • Angel Tear says:

      Wow. Thank you very much, for your comment, your advice (yes, it does help) and your reblog =)

      It’s weird, but, although I’m a bit younger than you are, I have decided to follow your same “career”. I’m a first year UG – soon to be second year ;) – in philosophy and literature, and I do plan on becoming an academic in order to make a living, while I try to be an artist on the side. I guess it’s what makes more sense, as it is very near to what we want to do, and lets us learn relevant stuff in the meantime.

      So, yeah, thank you again, and good luck ^_^

  2. Reblogged this on A Life Examined and commented:
    Why writers want to write but often can’t. Or won’t. Or don’t.

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